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CARPE DIEM is an award-winning, weekly half-hour magazine show aired on Comcast and Cablevision in northern New Jersey. Awarded the CTN CAPE Award for Best Series and three Gracie Awards for student productions, among others over the years, Carpe Diem has covered a wide range of subjects of interest to New Jersey citizens as well as topics featuring campus activities. The show has also featured celebrity guests such as Ernestine Schlant Bradley, former governor Christine Todd Whitman, anchor Steve Adubato, jazz singer Ruth Brown, and Tony award-winner and University alumna Melba Moore.

In addition to providing programming for the northern New Jersey television community, Carpe Diem provides Television majors with rigorous weekly production assignments that simulate those of the broadcasting profession. Over the semester, students produce a minimum of fifteen programs. Apart from producing their own works, it is not uncommon for students to have acquired production credits for as many as 20-30 additional programs by the time they graduate.

Carpe Diem reaches about a half-million households in New Jersey and is produced at the DuMont Television Center.

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Looking Beneath the Surface of Today’s College Students - This week on Carpe Diem

Airing on CARPE DIEM April 20th – April 24th, 2015

Mastermind Productions, a student-based production company, together with Carpe Diem, take a glimpse at the lives of students on campus, and the different difficulties each student faces.  The three segments in this episode examine a different issue students at Montclair State may go through on their journey to graduate.

The first segment, produced by TVDM major, Gentrix Shanga, focuses on the financial woes students at Montclair and other colleges throughout the country struggle with. As tuition prices rise throughout the country many students are finding it hard to pay for a higher education. This piece focuses on how students are facing this issue and trying to get by.

The second story, produced by TVDM major, Jarrett Strenner, brings light to some of the troubles veterans may face when transitioning from military to student life. Interviews with veteran student-veterans help show some of the issues many go through in the drastic switch from structured military life to the open schedule of college life.

The final segment, produced by TVDM major, Silas Kezengwa, focuses on mental health and mental health awareness. In a series of interviews with students struggling with and overcoming mental health issues, this piece shows that those suffering with these issues should not face a stigma, and that they can seek help.

This episode was produced by Mastermind Productions, a student-based production company from Television and Digital Media’s Advance Television Production course.  It was hosted by TVDM major, Silas Kezengwa, and directed by TVDM major, Gentrix Shanga.

Barring pre-emption, CARPE DIEM airs on the following stations

CABLEVISION  Bergen Channel 77:    Mondays at 5:00 PM
COMCAST Union Channel  26:    Tuesdays at 9:00 PM
CABLEVISION Morris  Channel  21:   Wednesdays at 5:00 PM
CABLEVISION Paterson Channel 75:   Fridays at 6:00 PM  
MONTCLAIR Channel 34:  TBA

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Carpe Diem episode