WMSC-FM - Campus Radio Station

Student Productions -- School of Communication and Media


The Voice of Montclair State University

Station Manager: Silas Kezengwa
Programming Director:
Elaina Crow
Radio Station General Manager:
Anabella Poland

WMSC is a freeform FM college radio station located at and owned by Montclair State University.

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The latest on Media Download:

On this episode of Media Download, we pause from the hurly burly of today’s media world to celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of the late filmmaker, stage director, actor and radio personality, Orson Welles. Almost 77 years to the date, the broadcast of “The War of The Worlds” changed media forever.

Media Download is hosted by Merrill Brown, Director of the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University.

Check out WMSC's first episode of Media Download featuring NPR Media Correspondent, David Folkenflick, in converstation with Chair of the School of Communication and Media Chair Merill Brown, discussing the GOP presidential campaign media coverage and the troubled state if the newspaper industry.  

WMSC-FM features a variety of programming including independent and underground music of various genres as well as news, sports, talk and special features.  It is operated largely by University students with support from  the School of Communication and Media’s  professional staff.  The station broadcasts locally at 90.3 MHz and utilizes the internet radio network live365.com to transmit its programming to online listeners around the world.

Students in the School are especially encouraged to become involved with WMSC to gain hands-on experience with radio broadcasting and streaming as communication mediums.

To learn more about the  Radio Station Facility and a history of WMSC, go to: