Welcome to the 2016-17 Inserra Calendar of Events!

A new academic year is at the door and our new calendar of events is taking shape, more engaging and topical than ever.

The Inserra Chair is pleased to invite the campus and the community to a series of interesting talks and round tables that will address a diverse range of topics such as the Made in Italy brand and its cultural impact in our globalized world (with a focus on Design, Oct. 13, and Food, TBA date in March); the present and future of the study of the Italian language (Nov. 15); and the Euro-Mediterranean migrant crisis (a joint event with Columbia University on April 26 and 27).

A series of in-class talks on translation, a lab on creating effective audiovisual work and a book presentation on religion in the Italian American community will also enrich the calendar. The first event is scheduled for Sept. 14: Italian Open Day is an evening dedicated to the importance of earning a BA degree in Italian with experiences shared by the Italian Program’s professors and students, and also featuring the award ceremony for the “Your Metaphor for Learning Italian” student contest.

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Ci vediamo a settembre!