2013-14 Videos (2014-15 programs coming soon)

Another rich year of cultural programs and academic initiatives has come to an end. This semester we launched a new section of the website - Video Archive - with all the videos created to document not only the 2013-14 programs but also much of the past three years of activities. See Media Coverage for more information.

Do not miss the videos about the panel Not Just for Techies, the Teatro delle Albe/Fratelli Mancuso three-part series, and the Renzo Piano panel and tour program: see below.

Thanks to all of you who participated, supported, filmed, and wrote about the programs. And mostly grazie to the scholars and artists who accepted to share their work, knowledge and talent with us at Montclair State University! Special gratitude goes to Mr. Inserra and other donors for making all of this possible.

Buona estate a tutti e ci vediamo il prossimo semestre!