Opportunities for Students

The Inserra Chair is committed to providing opportunities to MSU and High School students for the acquisition and application of knowledge about Italian culture through ad hoc projects and regular programs.

*Inserra Program Assistants

Current Assistant:

Emilia D'Albero, Italian Major (2013-14 Assistant)




"This assistantship has benefited me both professional and academically. Not only have I learned interesting things about my heritage and culture that may perhaps play an integral role in my future research, but I have also acquired many useful professional skills through this position. Interpersonal communication, both in Italian and English; web management, and time management are all very good skills to have early on in my career, and I am thankful that I was able to learn them as the Inserra Assistant."

Past Assistants: 

Celina Poggiogalle, Montclair State University graduate (Italian major) (Inserra Assistant Poggiogalle Awarded) (2013-14)

"The most rewarding part of the Inserra Program Assistantship was being able to actively participate in a cultural event’s growth from a concept to a successful evening for the campus and local community. I found new uses for my Italian language skills every step of the way by working with Dr. Fiore, communicating with Italian guests and the Italian Consulate, and co-writing post-event articles in Italian for local publications. This intellectually stimulating and culturally enriching experience showed me the practicality of my skillset in both academic and professional settings."

Arianna Fognani, Rutgers University graduate student in Italian (2012-13)

‌"Through this incredible experience I gained a different perspective on how cultural events can be successfully integrated into academic curricula. I learned to get people and institutions involved in projects, to write grant proposal and refine my language skills. The Inserra programs allowed me to meet scholars, artists, journalists, and professionals coming from different institutions and cultural backgrounds whose impact on my work continues to be relevant to my research."