Opportunities for Students

The Inserra Chair is committed to providing opportunities to MSU and High School students for the acquisition and application of knowledge about Italian culture through ad hoc projects and regular programs in line with a current philosophy in the education system.

* A 2014 Gallup/Purdue University study called Great Jobs, Great Lives indicates that three experiences in college that contribute to feeling prepared for life after college are:

    1. Internships or jobs where students can apply what they learned
    2. Active involvement in extracurricular activities (cultural events, clubs, etc.)
    3. Working on a project that took a semester or more to complete.

Graduates who participated in all three experiences had double the workplace engagement than those who did not take part (59% vs. 30%), in terms of actively pursuing goals and trying to improve their skills, communicating well with other employees and employers, and expressing a sense of satisfaction towards their job experience. Deep learning experiences coupled with steady academic and emotional support from faculty members produce long-term outcomes for college graduates.