The Italian Translation Curriculum and Internship Project


A distinguishing characteristic of the Italian program at Montclair State University are its courses and internships in translation, offering unique real-world experience to students as part of their academic experience.

Since 2011, the Italian Program and the Inserra Chair have worked in synergy to offer students of Italian a number of pre-professional opportunities in the field of translation and audiovisual translation in particular. From shorter assignments like translation for live multimedia events on campus (The Horde, 2011), the translation and subtitling of short videos (Inserra UNESCO video, 2015), and the revision of opera surtitles (Fall 2016), to long-term collaborations in surtitling (TVAC) and full-length translation projects (the film Like the Weight of Water/Come il peso dell'acqua, directed by Andrea Segre, 2017, and the documentary film The Rule, 2015), students are learning the theories, methods and techniques needed to make Italian performances accessible to English-speaking audiences, and, also, English-language film accessible to an Italian audience. Students hone their linguistic and cultural competencies, use appropriate software, and polish their skills in time management, teamwork and communication as they engage directly with experts in the field. A long-term partner is one of the top surtitling agencies in Europe, Prescott Studio, based in Florence, and together we have realized surtitles for top venues in Italy such as Il Piccolo Teatro di Milano, l’Opera di Firenze, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and Il Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, the Teatro Bellini (Catania), Teatro della Pergola (Firenze), and the first international student internship in Florence making live performances accessible to thousands of attendees in cities like Florence, Rome and Verona. A more recent partnership with the University of Macerata, Italy has resulted in the 2017 Summer Internship at the Sferisterio, combining the experience of surtitling for live operas and accessibility services such as audiodescriptions. Additionally, an international agreement with the Translation Program at the University of Macerata has been signed and it promises to further enrich this collaboration in various directions including faculty as well as student exchanges, and future international student internships. Audiovisual translation is growing at an incredible pace and we are preparing our students in very concrete ways to enter this exciting field.

Here at home in the tri-state area, the field of translation as a whole - and the Italian-English pairing in particular - is vibrant and growing as Italian continues to play a pivotal role in the creative and cultural industries and in business in general. Our students have interned with the most well-known Italian theater festival in New York’s five boroughs, InScena! and have provided articles, videos and translations for the most-read USA-based Italian online newspaper, La Voce di New York, gaining invaluable experience that will ultimately enrich their resumes.

Read the articles and watch the videos below to learn more about the ongoing Italian translation curriculum and internship project

Summer Internship in Macerata (2017)
- Surtitling for Opera at the Sferisterio Arena
- Scholarship Winner for 2017 Summer Internship in Macerata, Italy:
- Audio introductions to Turandot, Aida and Madama Butterfly by Rosanna Coviello

- Article ‌on Il Resto del Carlino (July 1, 2017 - in Italian)
- Article on Il Resto del Carlino (July 29, 2017 - in Italian)
- Article on Cronache Maceratesi (in Italian)
- Article on Picchio News (in Italian)
- Video from TV channel èTV Marche (in Italian)
Summer Internship in Florence (2016)

- Back from a Summer Internship in Florence: Surtitling for Italian Opera Festivals:
- Getting Real: Partnerships let students explore their passions during innovative summer internships (Montclair Magazine):
InScena Internship (Spring 2016)
- 2016 Surtitling Internship for Student of Italian at the InScena Italian Theater Festival:

- Teresa Fiore and Marisa Trubiano Receive Grant (Fall 2017):
- Sur-Titling Project Receives a Mini-Grant from the Italian Government (Summer 2016):
(see flyers and brochures)

Special Projects and Partnership:
- Students of Italian Subtitle Antonio Tabucchi's Interview for RAI Cultura Network (video)
- Montclair State Students James Lo Cascio e Rosanna Coviello, and Giulia Fratini (University of Macerata, Italy) subtitle Like the Weight of Water/Come il peso dell'acqua, film directed by Andrea Segre - under the supervision of Marisa Trubiano (Italian Program, MSU) and Elena Di Giovanni e Francesca Raffi (University of Macerata, Italy):
New Synergies Between Italy and the US (Prescott Studio's website)
Translating Voices Across Continents 2016-2017

Montclair State Expands Titling Collaboration with Prescott Studio (Spring 2016):
Translating Voices Across Continents 2015-2016
- Montclair Translates for Milan via Florence at EXPO 2015 (Winter 2015):
- Students of Italian Surtitle Prominent Plays for Expo 2015 Theater Productions in Milan, Italy (Fall 2015):
- Translating Voices Across Continents: Surtitles for Theater (Expo 2015):
- Translating Voices Across Continents: Surtitles for Theater (video):
- Surtitles: The Complex Art of Semplicity (Prescott Studio video):
Documentary Subtitling
- Montclair State Student Subtitles Acclaimed Documentary, The Rule:

Translation of articles for online newspapers and magazines:
- Made in Italy and Sustainability (on La Voce di New York, translated by Marta Russoniello)
- University Calls on Businesses, in the Name of the Italian Language (on La Voce di New York, translated by Marta Russoniello)
- Italian Media in the United States: A Two-Century-Long History (on La Voce di New York, written and translated by Vittoria Fronte)
- The Reggio Emilia Approach: Teaching by Observation (on La Voce di New York, written and translated by Talia Antonacci)
- Amara Lakhous and his Migrating Languages (on La Voce di New York, written and translated by Joe Glinbizzi and Marta Russoniello)
- Why study Italian in 2014? “Business Italian Style,” a university project focusing on videojournalism, offers a possible answer (on La Voce di New York, translated by Emilia D'Albero)
- Business Italian Style Project (on La Voce di New York, 2014), under the supervision of Enza Antenos (Assistant Professor of Italian) and Maurita Cardone (Deputy Editor at La Voce di New York):
  Italy Takes Shape in New York, from Gaetano Pesce to Poltrona Frau (written and translated by Angela Emiliani, Gabriella Grudza, Angela Kovacs, Serena Pederiali, Dariell Vasquez)
  Made in Italy? A Question of Style (written and translated by Alexa Arcaini, Sara Busch, Christina Petrillo, Sandra Scavuzzo)
  When Art Speaks Italian: Exploring the Contemporary Between CIMA and High Line Art
(written and translated by Angelene Agresta, Domenico Lisa, I. Settembrini, Stephanie White)
  A Journey of Taste: A Chef and an Entrepreneur Discuss the World of Italian Cuisine Between New York and New Jersey (written and translated by Emilia D'Albero, Annamaria Grammatica, Angela Percontino, Thomas Prudente, Alexia Stabile)

Symposia/Professional Development:
- Reading Foreign Voices: A Symposium (December 2014):
- Reading Foreign Voices: Film, Theatre, and Opera Sub- and Sur- Titling Across Languages (video):

In-Class Talks:
- Talks by Michale Moore, Elena Di Giovanni and Mauro Conti (2015):
- Talks by Laurence Jay-Rayon Ibrahim Aibo, Chiara Marchelli and Elena Di Giovanni (2016):

Student Publication:
- Student Marta Russoniello translates in English the note to the 1996 edition of The Age of Malaise (L'età del malessere) by Dacia Maraini as her project for the course. Her translation has been included and published in Beloved Writing. Fifty Years of Engagement. Writing Like Breathing I. A Homage to Dacia Maraini

Courses in Translation:
New Courses:

  • ITAL 351 Translation for Tourism and Cultural Promotion
  • ITAL 460 Audiovisual Translation
  • ITAL 461 Capstone Course in Audiovisual Translation (the creation of this course was funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and in close collaboration with the Inserra Chair)