Photo Gallery

Dancing A Film: Choreographers Greco and Scholten on the Creation of ROCCO

Screening of Visconti's Rocco and His Brothers

Reading Foreign Voices

Business Italian Interviews

Italian Writings Abroad: Anthology Presentation

Writers Between Two Worlds: A One-Day Symposium

Not Just for Techies: A Panel on Humanities-Focused Startups between NJ/NY and Italy

A Journey to Italy: Contrasting Perceptions of the Nation Through Photography

Play-concert Noise in the Waters by Teatro delle Albe and Fratelli Mancuso

A Workshop on Sicilian Music Tradition Revisited by Enzo and Lorenzo Mancuso

A Workshop on Voice and Text in Acting by Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari

Amici Club Tour of the Botto and Paterson Museums

The Italian American Table: A Lecture on Food History by Dr. Simone Cinotto

A Guided Tour of Renzo Piano's Architecture in New York City

The Humanistic Legacy in Renzo Piano's Architecture: A Panel

The Role of Theater in Contemporary Italy

The Italian Artistic Legacy in Contemporary Silversmithing

Fashion and Film Italian Style

The Migrant Transatlantic Voyage in Italian Early Silent Films

Italian Americans in Independent Film

Mangia Piano: The Internationalization of Italian Foodways

The Horde

Joseph Stella’s Futurism between Italy and the U.S.