Dancers rehearsing in CART dance studio.

The Body Talks

The Body Talks is an arts-based discovery program of the Office of Education and Community Outreach in collaboration with the Dance Division at Montclair State University. The program examines the concept of body image and its significant effect on individuals, culture and society in general, challenging inbred social assumptions about body image, thus creating a new level of awareness and acceptance of ourselves and others.

The Body Talks is a program that can make a difference in the lives of those who participate. Essential for the healthy development of young people, the productive living of the aging, and the life affirming acceptance of those who have been faced with physical challenges, The Body Talks provides critical information, insight and interaction which can be vital toward transforming unproductive thinking into productive action.

To view a sample of a Body Talks program please click on the video:

If you are a K-12 teacher, wellness counselor, performing artist, or individual of any age group seeking new and effective paths to greater self -insight and self-esteem—The Body Talks is a program for you.

For more information on The Body Talks and its evolving Events, contact OECO Director Marie Sparks at or call 973-655-7070. Unless otherwise noted, all Body Talks programs take place on the Montclair State University campus. Most are free of charge, and open to the general public.

For more information on upcoming performances, workshops, panel discussions, class presentations, roundtables, lecture/demonstrations, or Q&A please call 973-655-7070 or E-mail

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