Photo of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Surtitling for Opera di Roma and Maggio Fiorentino with Prescott Studio

Spring/Summer 2016

Maggio Fiorentino

The Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies and the Italian Program are renewing their collaboration with the titling agency Prescott Studio(Florence, Italy) for the provision of surtitling services to performances that will be featured in such prestigious calendars as those of the Maggio Fiorentino and the Opera di Roma in 2016.

As was the case for the collaborative project completed in 2015 (“Titling Voices Across Continents”), the formula will offer learning opportunities for advanced students of Italian aimed at providing (under the supervision of select Italian faculty such Dr. Marisa Trubiano):

  • Full translation of scripts and librettos
  • Development and timing of surtitles
  • Quality control of existing translations and surtitles

The novelty of the 2016 collaboration lies in the introduction of a post-BA assistantship at Montclair State (Spring 2016) and an internship in Florence (Summer 2016), as well as the extension of the collaboration to ICAMus.

For an overview of the Titling Voices Across Continents project, visit the event’s page (Fall 2015).

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