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Important Tips for Students Attending Events

Students listening to an instructor

Attending an event is not just a requirement, but it is also a really beautiful – and often unforgettable – experience. While in the classroom you talk about a play or a book, at the event you have a first-hand experience and often meet the author or artist. Artists and authors are there for you: they have been invited by the University to enrich your experience and inspire you. Take full advantage of it!

Please keep these tips in mind to make this occasion useful and enjoyable for you and everybody else in the room:

Students signing in to an event

  • Sign in and out at the registration table. Write your name clearly and specify both times.
  • For the best experience and to give a warm welcome to the guest/s, try to sit in as close as possible to the stage.
  • Please minimize the use of your phones during the event. It is very distracting for the people on stage and in the audience.
  • Stay for the entire duration of the event. Leaving the event earlier is disruptive. However, if you really must leave early, please be sure to sit in the back of the room.
  • During the event, make sure you take notes for your class.
  • Feel free to ask a question during the Q&A.
  • You are welcome to stay for the refreshments, which give you an occasion to socialize, ask more questions, and meet people.

Amara Lakhous event

  • When books or CDs/DVDs are available on site, feel free to approach the guest/s to have them signed.
  • Consider writing a final project on this experience. Your instructor will be able to help you with details.
  • Most of all, enjoy moments like this. They can be transformative and affect you and your experience as a student for a long time.

Here are some comments shared by the students after the events:

“I think the way in which the play was presented was brilliant. I actually brought one of my friends with me to see the production and she was left speechless. I was so proud that our University brought something this amazing to us; it was truly an honor to have seen that play performed in person.” (Angela Emiliani, ITAL381 Contemporary Italian Cultural Studies)

“I mentally, physically and emotionally fell under the spell cast by the play. That performance left an incredible first impression with me. I did not know what to expect but the program pertained to our class perfectly and it was a pleasure to complement what we learned with such a relevant, impressive experience.” (Angela Kovacs, ITAL381 Contemporary Italian Cultural Studies)

Student taking notesImage of students at an event