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FAQ page about Summer Course for HS students (Intensive Italian)

This page contains the questions that are often asked about the Summer Course for HS students at Montclair State University. If you have any further inquiry, please contact the course coordinator Patti Grunther (gruntherp@montclair.edu) or write to the office at inserra@montclair.edu.

1. How can students reach campus if they cannot get there by car?

The Montclair State campus is very well served by public transportation on weekdays. Students can take NJT buses or trains. The recommended train station for this class is Montclair Heights Station (the Montclair State U station is ideal to reach the dorms). Please download the NJTransit app or go to the NJT site and use their Trip planner tool to find the best option for your ride by train or bus. The site provides information about costs as well. See also information on how to reach Schmitt Hall.  (Note that the specific classroom appears on the syllabus – please inquire with the coordinator). See campus map to locate the train station, bus stop, and Schmitt Hall.

2. What is the parking situation for students who drive to campus?

For the summer of 2022, Montclair State is waiving parking fees for Summer Sessions students as long as they park in student parking. Students can park in the parking garage, called Carpark Diem, or surface parking lots that have a sign at the entrance with a yellow strip that says Commuter/General Parking. Please see THIS MAP to check where you can park.

3. How does the residential option work?

Students can live in a dormitory on campus with a meal plan from Sunday evening to Thursday afternoons for the duration of the course (July 4 to July 21, 2022). Students will be housed in the The Heights dormitory in double rooms (unless there are an odd number of students in which case occasionally students may be in a single) with access to all campus dining facilities which are open in the summer. There will be an Italian-speaking adult RA/Activity Leader living in the dorm with students who will lead afternoon activities. The total price of this option is $584, and scholarships that include room and board are available.

4. Are the three course credits accepted at other colleges if I am not admitted to Montclair State University or decide not to attend?

Each individual college decides whether external credits will be accepted: we cannot guarantee that students will earn these credits if they attend a college other than Montclair State. However, our students have had success transferring summer course credits to other universities (the University of Maryland, for example).

5. Is lunch provided for students during the course?

During our group lunches, students will be responsible for bringing their lunch. Residential students can buy lunch with their meal cards at any open food source on campus. For commuter students who don’t bring their own lunch, there is a Panera on campus fairly close to our classroom where students can buy food. However, there can be long lines at Panera and so we suggest that students bring lunch from home when possible. PLEASE NOTE: On days when the class goes on a field trip, there is not enough time to buy food on campus. Therefore, WHEN THERE IS A FIELD TRIP, STUDENTS NEED TO BRING A BAG LUNCH, unless otherwise advised.

6. What happens during lunch?

Except for days when the group is on a field trip there will be Italian-speaking guests during lunches which take place in the classroom. These carefully chosen guests enhance the course considerably: they are experts in fields related to Italian culture, and in particular related to the field trips taken during the course. In a casual atmosphere conducive to relaxing and enjoying their lunch, students learn about various topics such as the history of Italian architecture and its influence in America, culinary traditions and the ties between Italian cuisine and culture, Made in Italy businesses and future career opportunities for students, among many other topics.

7. Aside from lunch, are there any other extra costs outside of tuition?

The only thing not provided for students is a personal notebook. Aside from that and lunch, everything else is covered by tuition payment or scholarship; this includes, teaching materials, transportation on field trips, and museum, event and showroom entry fees. Note that afternoon activities for non-residential students are not included(for a $20 fee non-residential student can participate – please inquire with the coordinator).

8. Do students need to provide any vaccination verifications?

Montclair State University requires that all summer session students complete immunization verification before arrival on campus.
All immunization documentation is submitted through the medproctor.com portal.
Students must open an account with medproctor and submit proof of both meningitis immunization and COVID vaccination.
There are no exceptions for these requirements so residential students are expected to get a booster shot if they haven’t already done so.
For medical questions related to immunization, students can contact Sharon O’Donnell at the Montclair State Health Office odonnells@montclair.edu .