The big screen at the School of Communication and Media.

Digital Screens

Advertise on a Digital Screen!

Digital television screens, located all throughout campus, are a great advertising tool for clubs, organizations, departments and colleges and schools. The Department of Student Communications has been tasked with ensuring the fliers, graphics and messages displayed on these monitors are accurate, clear and consistent. This website will help you locate and request content for the digital television screens around campus.

Please make sure you follow the Best Practices before submitting content for a digital screen. If your content does not follow these best practices, it may be modified or rejected for publication.

Request a Posting

To advertise on the digital screens around campus, please fill out our Digital Screen Request Form. Please read through this form carefully and ensure that your content follows the Best Practices.

Digital Screen Request Form

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding digital screen content, please send an email to