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Recovery and Addiction Prevention Services

Recovery and Addiction Prevention Services coordinates the Red Hawk Recovery Program, alcohol and other drug program, as well as Exploring Change and Healthy Options (ECHO). Recovery and Addiction Prevention Services are an inter-departmental initiative between Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Health Promotion and Residence Life to provide healthy, substance free programming and supports for students in recovery and all students within the campus community. These services provide educational programming, prevention, counseling and referral services.

Recovery and Addiction Prevention Services are available to help students, faculty, parents, and the community at large gain a better understanding of alcohol and other drugs, addiction and recovery at this critical juncture. Our comprehensive approach is based in research informed best practices to help students and the community support understand and support those in recovery.

  1. Red Hawk Recovery – is the collegiate recovery community at Montclair State University. Red Hawk Recovery supports those who are in recovery and participate in recovery support services, self-help, and peer support groups.
  2. Residents in Recovery (R&R) – A program designed to provide academic, developmental, and recovery supports along with instrumental, functional, and technical assistance for self-identified students in recovery from addiction who access higher education, seek be of service to the greater Montclair State community, while living a abstinence-based recovery residence.
  3. Alcohol and Other Drug Programs