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Back to Life Lighting Installation

The light at the end of the tunnel… is a class project!

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This Spring lighting installation project enabled students to safely brush up on many physical skills that have proven to be difficult to put into practice during the past year of remote, hybrid, and distanced learning.

It was nice to do things again, it was nice to have to come up with ideas again and lead a group of people. The reality of it was that I had forgotten how to do this job and I had to re-learn it all on the fly…

-Anthony Borsellino ’21 Theatre: Design, Technology and Management

Our students learned about lighting architecture, outdoor work, working with truss equipment and other new equipment, work together as a team, and share the end result of their work and what they’ve been learning with their community.

This project was spearheaded by Cecilia Durbin, Assistant Professor of Lighting Design in the Department of Theatre and Dance. She teaches classes in Lighting Design to students in all 4 years and serves as the mentor for all students interested in Lighting Design and Electrics in Production and Design.