Local Tech Team Contact Information

Academic Unit Support

Working in a distributed model of support, the Information Technology Division provides hardware, software and training support for the campus community. Each college has a "Local Tech Team" that provides primary and secondary support to their academic areas.

Primary Support

For primary groups, we encourage all clients to reach out to your local tech team as your first point of contact and if they are unavailable the University Help Desk will provide secondary (back up) assistance.

Secondary Support


Tech Team Location Phone Number Coordinator
CHSS - College of Humanities and Social Sciences DI 337 973-655-7835 Milos Topic
CSAM - College of Science and Mathematics RI 110 973-655-5414 Joseph Youn
CSAM - Computer Science RI 310 973-655-3127 Michael Scehovic
SBUS - School of Business PA 435 973-655-5491 Roger Salomon
CEHS - College of Education and Human Services UN 3128 973-655-4457 Pam Scully

Information Technology provides primary support for several academic areas including CART, Graduate School and the Library. Please contact your respective “local tech team” for assistance for all non-standard hardware, software and training questions.

Tech Team Location Phone Number Coordinator
CART -College of the Arts LI 130 973-655-5224 Brian Carter
Library LB 133 973-655-7623 Randal Cain
Graduate School CO 203 973-655-7287 Michael Stuhlmiller