Students on campus

Academic Unit Support

Working in a distributed model of support, the Information Technology Division provides hardware, software and training support for the campus community. Several colleges have a “Local Tech Team” that provides primary support to their academic areas.

Primary Support

For primary groups, we encourage all clients to reach out to your local tech team as your first point of contact and if they are unavailable the IT Service Desk will provide secondary (back up) assistance.

CSAM – College of Science and Mathematics

RICH 110
Joseph Youn

SBUS – Feliciano School of Business

Roger Salomon

CEHS – College of Education and Human Services

UNIV 3128
Jason Francis

Primary Supported by the IT Service Desk

Information Technology provides primary support for several academic areas including CART, the Graduate School, the School of Nursing and the Library. Information Technology provides both primary and secondary support for CHSS and Clinical Services.

Below, please find the list of technical teams that provide secondary/non-standard support.

CART – College of the Arts

MO 024
Brian Carter


Sital Patel

Graduate School

CO 203
Michael Stuhlmiller