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NEST (Students)


NEST link (Network Engagement and Student/Staff Transactions) is the primary student and faculty/staff web front-end gateway at Montclair State University. NEST has streamlined many processes that once relied on human intervention. These processes include the rich capability of self-services advisement (to augment traditional advisement) for degree auditing, fee and tuition real-time payments and “one-click” (single sign-on) access to other applications such as Self-Service Banner, Degree Works, TouchNet and more. NEST provides many benefits:
  • Deliver easy-to-use, self-service tools for students, staff and faculty
  • Send effective, timely and meaningful communications
  • Let users teach, share and manage information easily through online environments
  • Automate workflows to simplify system management and administrative processes

Access to tools and services through is based on your role at the University. This means that what you see in NEST may not be the same as what someone else sees within NEST. Even two students, depending on certain criteria like Financial Aid, may have access to different features on their NEST homepage.

Through NEST students are able to:

  • Access their degree audit through Degree Works
  • Pay their tuition statement and payment history and pay their bills/enroll in a payment plan
  • Pay housing deposits
  • Pay new student deposits
  • Register for classes and access the course catalog/schedule of classes
  • Review financial aid information
  • Set up a direct deposit account for refund disbursement
  • Update personal and emergency contact information
  • View and complete Financial Aid requirements and checklists including accepting Financial Aid awards.
  • View important announcements
  • View upcoming fall registration information
  • View upcoming events organized by Carrier Services

NEST is constantly evolving with more and more features being added as time goes on. Keep an eye out for future communication about new features being added!

If you have questions how to navigate and utilize NEST please check our NEST FAQ (PDF).

NEST Mobile

NEST Mobile, based on Ellucian Mobile, is a higher education mobile app that easily integrates with existing—and constantly evolving—IT platforms and strategies. Its framework supports native and web applications, and implementation options let you choose between a configurable preset application edition or a platform edition to build and manage your own mobile environment.
Montclair State NEST Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices. The new app makes it possible to view what you would in “desktop” NEST and more, all on your compatible smartphone at any time.

There are many great features included in NEST mobile aimed to make your academic and professional life easier to manage. These features include:

  • An interactive campus map complete with the ability to plot directions to all important buildings on campus
  • The latest Red Hawk News articles including deadline information, campus events and more
  • Access to the campus event calendar with the ability to add any event to your smartphone’s calendar
  • Announcements
  • A mobile-friendly faculty directory where you can instantly find contact information for any faculty or staff member
  • Access to emergency contacts such as University Police and the University Health Center
  • Links to HawkSync, Canvas and Workday
  • Access to the other applications Montclair State University uses such as Rave Guardian and Rave Alerts

Some features and functions of Montclair State NEST Mobile, like access to your course schedule for the current semester along with time and room information, require you to log in with your University NetID and password to access.
Additionally, students will have access to their final semester grades, Degree Works Academic Audit, and the Financial Aid and Student Accounts NEST pages upon logging in.

How Can I Get Montclair State NEST Mobile?

Downloading Montclair State NEST Mobile to your compatible smartphone is quick, easy and FREE. (Note: Open these links from your mobile device.)

Or, you can visit either the iOS App Store on your iPhone or the Google Play Store on your Android device and search “Montclair State NEST Mobile”. Follow the instructions as you normally would to download the app and launch it.

Note: Right now Montclair State NEST Mobile is only available for current Android and iOS devices. The app requires iOS version 8.0 or higher or an Android device running version 4.0.3 or higher.

Once you’ve downloaded the Montclair State NEST Mobile app, you can log in at any time using the “Sign In” button located at the bottom of the Applications Menu or any Application Module with a padlock icon next to it. Log in using your University NetID and password just like you would do for NEST to access all Montclair State NEST Mobile has to offer.

Please note: you may occasionally see the NEST login screen when attempting to navigate to a module after logging in. Simply select that module again in the left-hand menu to navigate to the correct page.

Having some questions about how to use the app? Check out our Nest Mobile User Guide (PDF).