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Submit an IT Incident/Request

Request Software

Before requesting computer software please confirm against the standard image list for university owned machines.

Description: Standard Image – PC
Types Available: Standard software on a PC
Who can request: Faculty/staff
PC Software

Description: Standard Image – Mac
Types Available: Standard software on a Mac
Who can request: Faculty/staff
Mac Software

Description: Adobe Creative Cloud
Who can request: Faculty/Staff
Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat

Description: Software loan request for personal computers
Types Available: Microsoft Office Visio and Microsoft Project
Who can request: Faculty/Staff Only
Software Loan Request

Description: Software loan request for Windows 7, 8 and 10
Types Available: Windows 7, 8 and 10
Who can request: Faculty/Staff Only
Software Loan Request

Description: SPSS for University Owned Computer
Types Available:
Who can request: Faculty/Staff
Request Software – Service Desk Ticket

Description: Microsoft Office 365
Types Available: Microsoft Office 365
Who can request: Faculty/Staff
Download Office 365


Request Equipment

Description: Portable DVD/VCR Combo Units, Camcorders, Projectors, Mobile Presentation System (MPS)
Types Available: A/V Equipment loan
Who can request: Faculty/Staff
A/V Equipment Loan

Description: Faculty Staff laptop loan
Types Available: Phone, Computer, A/V Equipment
Who can request: Faculty/Staff
Laptop Loan Requests

Description: Departmental Purchase – PC
Types Available: Computer
Who can request:
Department Computer Hardware Requests

Description: Computer Lifecycle Replacement Program
Types Available: Computer
Who can request:  New full-time employees and upgrading existing employees
Computer Lifecycle Replacement Program

Description: Printer Hardware
Types Available: Printer
Who can request:
Printer Purchases

Request Reports

Reports are an integral piece of the business workflow at Montclair State University. There are standard University reports used by multiple offices and workflows and custom reports that can be build on demand.

Description: University Reports
Types Available: Cognos Reports, Workday Reports, PeopleSoft Reports
Who can request: Faculty and Staff whose job responsibilities require access to aggregated data.
How to request: Users should open a Service Desk Ticket and select the following options: Category = Reports
Subcategory = Create
Business Service = Cognos/Workday/PeopleSoft
Assignment Group = EAS_Reporting

Report request has to be approved by the functional owner of the data before it is delivered to the requester.

Request VPN Access

Who can request:

  • Montclair State Authorized User (users who work for Montclair State University)
  • Montclair State Authorized IT Users (users who work for Montclair State University IT)
  • Montclair State Authorized Power User (non-IT personnel that require access to hosts on the Data Center Network)
  • Montclair State AuthorVendorender or External User (non-Montclair State University personnel that require access to hosts on the Data Center Network)

For more information on the policies and procedures for VPN access please view the Campus VPN – Remote Access Guide Page.

For more information on submitting an information security incident to the security team please see Security & Privacy Page.

Request Authorized Access to University Applications

The Baseline (Core) Banner Student module is responsible for all student, faculty, and course data management and academic and auxiliary revenue. Banner is an assemblage of applications that when combined provide administrative and academic functions to manage data and student enrollment business processes. Faculty and staff who are directly involved in certain business processes can request access to these applications.

Description: Banner 9
Types Available: Banner Admissions

  • Undergraduate admitted and accepted student application information
  • Graduate School admitted and accepted student application information
  • High School and college transfer transcripts for applicants
  • Other documents required for the application process for viewing

Who can Request: Staff working in the Admission office as well as any staff/faculty member who is directly involved in the admission process at the University.

Access is authorized by: Admissions Directors, Jeff Gant, Mike Stuhlmiller, Amy Aiello or Sony Rodriguez.

Types Available: Banner Financial Aid

  • Student financial aid budget
  • Pending and awarded institutional and federal aid
  • Student loans information
  • Documents tracking required by students for aid eligibility
  • FAFSA information
  • Financial aid academic progress

Who can Request: Staff working in the Financial Aid office as well as any staff member which job requires access to Financial Aid information.

Access is authorized by: the Director of Financial Aid, Jim Anderson.

Types Available: Banner Student Accounts

  • Student detailed billing information
  • Billing statements
  • Pending financial aid disbursement
  • Deposits information
  • Student holds

Access is authorized by: the Director of Student Accounts, Marion Caggiano.

Types Available: Banner Registration

  • Admissions application, letter of admission, transcripts from previous schools, transfer credit evaluation (Degreeworks)
  • All record of courses taken at Montclair State – registration information and all grading including grade changes, as well as related comments
  • Registration history
  • Student GPA, academic standing, majors, program, concentration, minors
  • Comments related to student’s academic attendance and standing
  • Student transcript
  • Class rosters, enrollments
  • Graduation application and degree information
  • Latin honors and dean’s list information
  • For the purposes of student record review as permitted per FERPA, all comments and notes posted by advisors and faculty
  • Student attribute and cohort information, essentially all information about a student that is connected to their record.
  • Student Addresses, emails, phone numbers

Access is authorized by: the Office of the Registrar, Leslie Sutton-Smith.

Description: Cognos Reporting
Types Available: University Reports
Access is authorized by: the Office of the Registrar, Leslie Sutton-Smith.

Types Available: Restricted Reports
Access is authorized by: the Office of the Registrar, Leslie Sutton-Smith.

To request access to these applications follow the steps outlined in the User guide.