picture of Enterprise Application Services group

Enterprise Application Services

Mission Statement

The Enterprise Application Services – EAS group is responsible for the design, development, implementation, operation and production support services for Montclair State University enterprise applications. Working closely with the University campus business and academic offices EAS is committed to providing reliable services and constantly improve campus community application technology experience. EAS provides support and maintains a large portfolio of applications that include the Student Information System, Human Resources and Financial System, the University Portal and variety of custom developed applications. We are responsible for the application integration services between the applications on campus and the ones external to the University as well as database support and data reporting and administration.


Donna Sadlon
Associate Vice President Enterprise Application Services
phone: 973-655-3963
email: sadlond@montclair.edu

Klavdiya Hammond
Director, Enterprise Data Services
phone: 973-655-7087
email: hammondkl@montclair.edu

Karolina Maneva-Jakimoska
Director, Web & Identity Management
phone: 973-655-4173
email: jakimoskak@montclair.edu

William Neal
Director, Finance Systems
phone: 973-655-3158
email: nealw@montclair.edu

William Schulz
Director, Student Systems
phone: 973-655-3630
email: schulzw@montclair.edu

Anuradha Rammdass
Manager of Integration Development, Finance Applications
phone: 973-655-5264
email: rammdassa@montclair.edu

Lenore Hatten
Student Developer/Analyst
phone: 973-655-5438
email: hattenk@montclair.edu

Gowri Yalamanchi
Student Developer/Analyst
phone: 973-655-3071
email: yalamanchig@montclair.edu

Kingsuk Mukherjee
PeopleSoft Finance Administrator
phone: 973-655-2052
email: mukherjeek@montclair.edu

Michael Heller
Identity and Access Management Engineer
phone: 973-655-5502
email: hellerm@montclair.edu

Paul Varghese
PeopleSoft Finance Developer
phone: 973-655-7466
email: varghesep@montclair.edu

Dianne Teixeira
Finance Functional Business Analyst
phone: 973-655-7620
email: teixeirad@montclair.edu

Suraj Adnaik
Finance Functional Business Analyst
phone: 973-655-3690
email: adnaiks@montclair.edu

Hilal Tabakci
Finance Functional Business Analyst
phone: 973-655-3692
email: tabakcih@montclair.edu

Caroline Wesoly
Finance Security Administrator
phone: 973-655-3691
email: wesolyc@montclair.edu

Peter Bisbal
Web Application Developer
phone: 973-655-4183
email: bisbalp@montclair.edu

Arnulfo Salce
Web Identity Developer
phone: 973-655-4139
email: salcea@montclair.edu

Anu Kaushik
Student Systems Developer, Student Applications
email: kaushika@montclair.edu

Muhammad Salahuddin
Report Developer, Enterprise Application Services
email: salahuddinm@montclair.edu

Puja Roy
Report Developer, Enterprise Application Services
email: royp@montclair.edu

Dinora Gonzalez
Student Systems Administrator, Student Applications
phone: 973-655-4236
email: gonzalezd@montclair.edu