BC Pass Identity Verification Policy

The BCPass card is the College’s official means of identification, enabling students, faculty, and staff to access essential services and facilities on campus, including dining halls, libraries, events, recreation centers, campus building access and more. As an official ID card, the BCPass card will also be accepted by Bloomfield College to verify your identification when conducting personal business with the College where personal and confidential information will be exchanged. The BCPass card is also used for monetary transactions for BC FlexBC Bucks, and BC Books.

Bloomfield College has a responsibility to protect the identity of its students, faculty, and staff and must ensure the personal information is not shared unless appropriate identification is provided. As an institution, Bloomfield College is bound by Federal FERPA (Family Educational Rights Privacy Act) regulations that are intended to protect the privacy of students’ education records and Federal HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations that are intended to protect the privacy of health records. Therefore, the identification verification process required to issuance of the BCPass ID card requires official forms of identification as outlined in this policy.

Students, Faculty and Staff who are obtaining a BC Pass ID Card for the first time must show one form of government-issued photo ID such as:

Students, Faculty and Staff who require a replacement ID (i.e. damaged, lost, stolen) require the following ID:

  • Receipt from Office of Student Financial Services Office showing $25 payment for the cost of the replacement BCPass ID Card; and
  • One piece of government-issued photo ID such as those indicated above; or two pieces of ID from the following list:
    • High School photo ID, Employer photo ID or other college photo ID
    • Bloomfield College Statement of Account addressed to the home
    • Official birth certificate
    • Official marriage license
    • Official social security card
    • Credit Card
    • ATM Card
    • Bank statement or record
    • Health or dental insurance card or prescription card

We know that protection of your identity is important to you and it is important to Bloomfield College too. Thank you for participating with us in protecting your identity.