Students on campus outside of the CELS building

Campus File Share and Web Pages (Students)

MSUFILES presents a private (home) directory and individual web page publishing directory to all NetID users. Departmental file sharing is also available.

Private (Home) Directory

  • Provides personal file storage on the MSUFILES server to each student, faculty and staff member.
  • On campus access is provided automatically to Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.7/8 bound (attached) to AD (ADMSU domain) and is typically referred to as the “N: drive” (Windows) or “Facstaff_vol1” (Mac OS) (accessible from the Mac OS dock).
  • Only you have access to your private (home) directory.
    Students have a 500 MB storage quota.

How to access MSUFiles on Windows 7 and Windows 10:

Web Publishing (MSUWEB) Directory