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Anti-Spam Improvements

Posted in: Google Apps

envelope marked as spam

As a final step in transitioning email services to Google Mail, Information Technology has completed the phase out of MSU’s internal Antispam service. All SPAM detection and potential SPAM flagging is now being performed by Google Mail.

The antispam.montclair.edu interface will remain available to users until the end of September for retrieving messages flagged as SPAM prior to 8/31. However, note that no new potential SPAM is being stored in the Antispam quarantine as of 8/31.

Use the web-based Gmail client to go to the “Spam” folder as it is not accessible with Thunderbird or any other mail client.

Potential SPAM that is being flagged by Google will continue to be found in the folder called “Spam” in your Google Mail account. If you wish to recover an email that was flagged as SPAM by Google, go to the “Spam” folder, click the checkbox next to the message in question, and then click “Not spam”.