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Coming Soon: Individually Named Adobe Licenses for Faculty and Staff

Posted in: Desktop Software

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Beginning this November, the Division of Information Technology will begin the process of migrating our campus Adobe license to a named user license. This will affect users of Adobe Acrobat and/or Creative Cloud. The first time that you use one of these products after this date, you will be prompted to log into the application. As part of the migration process, Adobe has sent a notification to all users alerting them that the license expires on November 30, 2018. Please disregard this message as it is part of the migration. More explicit details will be made available as this project progresses. This does not affect any licenses installed in a lab environment. Moving to named users is very beneficial as it allows for Faculty, Staff and Adjuncts to utilize the current suite of products available under our license. Examples of these products include Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Lightroom. It is to be noted that Adobe Acrobat is installed as a standard across all University owned and imaged machines. Acrobat gives users the ability to modify PDFs. Our license gives a user the ability to install it on up to 2 computers including personal devices. Additionally, the license allows for Faculty, Staff or Adjuncts to store up to 1GB of files in the cloud. All files must conform to our Data Classification and Handling Policy. The Adobe Named Users Licensing does not extend to Students.