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Data Governance Initiative

Posted in: Data Governance

Graphic of data pie chart flow to produce a report

In support of the University’s ever increasing demand for complex data analysis, integrations and reporting from multiple sources of information, a Data Governance Council has been established. This group, comprised of individuals representing the various facets of the University’s operations, has a mission is to improve the security, accuracy and consistency of information across the University’s many systems.

As one example, the group is looking at how location codes are used across the University. A challenge may be that one system is using 2 digit building codes while another is using 4 digit codes, making it difficult or impossible to integrate the systems or produce accurate reports needing data from both systems. This example and many others are the types of complexities the group will be working to resolve.

The collaborative, problem solving efforts of the members of the Council will help us all to achieve greater confidence in the quality, security and access of information. Please feel free to reach out to Klavdiya Hammond for more information.