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Wireless Presentation Capability on Campus with AirMedia

Posted in: IT Services

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AirMedia allows you or your students to wirelessly present using your own device or University issued laptop. Share your content through the big screen without hooking up any wires. AirMedia is compatible with Windows 7, 10, Apple OS X, Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

To determine if you are in an AirMedia capable room, look for the AirMedia sticker or AirMedia button on the touch panel. To connect initially, enter the IP address (e.g.: http:// 173 .24. 80. 236) visible on the screen into a browser and it will prompt you to download the app by selecting your operating system. For University imaged machines, look for the AirMedia application that is installed as a standard.

Please Note: AirMedia presentation does not fully support 4K or full featured rich video. Please utilize the wired connections in the mediated classrooms and spaces for these types of presentations.