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Service Desk Metrics

Posted in: IT Services

The Service Desk has recently witnessed increased levels of activity as measured by the number of phone calls. In 2017, 32,755 service calls were received and in 2018, 40,929 calls were received; representing a 24.5% increase in total call volume.
Workday related phone calls accounted for the largest number of inquiries representing nearly 17% of all calls made to the IT Service Center.
Other key findings include: (Jul 2018-Mar 2019)
•Total Incidents Created -32,430
•Workday Incidents Handled – 5,418
•Student Incidents – 1,338
•Finance Incidents- 1,115
•Total Problem Incidents – 59
•Total Faculty/Staff Laptop Loans -1,889
•Total Student Laptop Loans – 27,420

In July 2018, Information Technology moved all networked printers to PaperCut. From that date, we were able to track metrics around printed pages:
Total Pages Printed – 7.5 million
89% B&W pages
11% Color pages