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Network Maintenance: Saturday, 11/23 from 5:00AM – 11:00PM

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To Our Campus Community-

This Saturday, November 23rd from 5:00AM until 11:00PM (18hrs), Information Technology will be performing significant maintenance work on the campus network fiber backbone as part of the College Hall renovation project. The nature of the work will require an extended outage of wired and wireless network services to several buildings on campus starting at 5:00AM, followed by a gradual restoration of network services to affected buildings during the day on Saturday the 23rd.

Fortunately, the fiber cable work will not affect all locations, so several key academic buildings as well as the majority of residence halls will remain online and operational throughout Saturday’s maintenance activities.

All residence halls, with the exception of Russ and Bohn, will remain online and operational. Students in Russ Hall and Bohn Hall should plan for an interruption of wired and wireless services for the majority of the day on Saturday and are encouraged to use alternate locations from the list of buildings below for network connectivity such as the Student Center or Sprague Library.

The following buildings *will remain online* for wired and wireless services throughout the day on Saturday the 23rd:

1515 Broad St (Audiology)
855 Valley (Registrar)
Car Parc Diem
CCIS (Mallory)
Clove Rd (Clinic, Receiving)
Dickson Hall
Feliciano (SBUS)
Kasser Theater
Morehead Hall
Overlook building
Red Hawk Central
Red Hawk Deck
Red Hawk Diner
School of Communication
Science Hall
Sprague Library
Student Center
University Hall
All residence halls except Russ and Bohn

**Any other buildings not listed above will experience network service interruptions for most of the day on Saturday**

We understand that these service outages will have an impact on some users, especially resident students in Russ Hall and Bohn Hall, and we have scheduled it for Saturday in an attempt to minimize disruption to classroom and business activity.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we perform this necessary maintenance work.