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Improved Security through DUO rollout

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DUO is MSU’s solution for multi-factor authentication, the mechanism by which your phone or other device is used to provide a security token to complement use of passwords.  Information Technology is phasing in the use of DUO to complement passwords for sensitive applications.  Many of you are already using DUO for access to Workday and for remote (off-campus) access to applications via VPN.  

This fall we will complete rollout of DUO for access to Workday and use of VPN and we will expand rollout of DUO to use for remote access via Citrix.  You will see emails letting you know that DUO has been activated for your user account and will be expected to complete your account setup within two weeks of receiving the email.  If you would like to begin using DUO earlier, you may request setup by emailing itservicedesk@montclair.edu.