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Did you know that you can have real-time captioning on Zoom meetings?

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Well, you can!  Here’s a neat trick.  When you present using Google Slides, you can turn on automatic captions to display the speaker’s words in real-time.  This feature is available on Google Chrome browsers in U.S. English.

  • If you present the slides over video conferencing software (such as Zoom), captions show up on the shared screen. To set expectations for your audience, it’s a good idea to tell them that captions are from Google Slides, not the video conferencing software, and that only the speaker’s voice is captioned.
  • Some people find captions distracting, so you might want to ask your audience before turning on captions.
  • Captions and your microphone automatically turn off if there’s no activity on your computer for 30 minutes.

For more detailed instructions, please see how to present slides with captions.