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New Voicemail Features

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As part of our ongoing Telecommunications system enhancement efforts across the University,  our voicemail systems are being migrated to modernized infrastructure.  New features include giving users the option to receive their voicemail as an attachment in their email inbox or through a webportal 

You will of course still be able to access your voicemail through traditional paths, by pressing the envelope button on your desk phone, dialing ext. 5323 from your desk phone, or calling (973) 655-5323 from off campus.

Updated features of the new voicemail system:

  • An opt-in feature will send a copy of new incoming voicemails to your Gmail inbox as an audio file attachment. New in this upgrade is the ability to delete a voicemail message from your email inbox and have it also automatically deleted from your phone voicemail box.  Two new folders will be added to your Gmail inbox to enable this email/voicemail synchronization. The folders are named Calls and ►UC◄ and you may have already seen them appear in your email account. 
  • A new opt-in feature will allow users to access their voicemail via a web portal at https://voicemail.montclair.edu. Please note that the voicemail web portal will initially only be available while on campus or using a VPN connection.

You can opt into both of these new features by filling out the online request form at Voicemail Delivery Options.