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Network maintenance Friday, January 7th, 5pm-6pm

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Information technology

To Our Campus Community-

As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain reliable network and telecommunications services to the campus at large, Information Technology will be instituting a semi-annual (twice a year) 1-hour maintenance window for all network and telecommunications infrastructure. Once in early/mid January, and another in early/mid July.

The first maintenance window will be Friday, January 7th, 2022 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

During this one-hour period there is the potential for all campus network and telephone services to be unavailable, either sporadically or in rare circumstances for the entire hour. This includes all wired and wireless network services, all office phone extensions, all Internet services, and all campus applications such as NEST and Banner. It also includes both on and off-campus access to cloud applications that utilize our on-campus NetID authentication system, such as Workday and Canvas.

Note that off-campus access to Google applications like Gmail and Google Drive will continue to operate as they are independent of our campus network and on-campus NetID authentication system.

Special accommodations will be made to keep the following campus services operational during the one hour maintenance period:

– Calls to/from University Police and ‘911’
– The main campus web server (via our backup Amazon hosted site)

We recognize that any interruption in campus network services, whether planned or unplanned, is disruptive to both business operations and teaching/learning activities. However, these brief semi-annual preventive maintenance periods will allow us to perform critical updates and reconfiguration tasks that necessitate equipment reboots in a controlled manner. The Information Technology Division appreciates your cooperation and understanding as we implement these preventive maintenance periods.

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