Photo of Inserra Event - Reading Foreign Voices

Reading Foreign Voices: Film, Opera, and Theater Sub- and Sur-titles Across Languages

Photo of Inserra Event - Reading Foreign VoicesFri. Dec. 5, 2014
Conference Center University Hall 7th Floor
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• Round Table (9-11:30am)
• Light lunch break (11:30am-12pm)
Reading Foreign Voices Concurrent Area-Specific Workshops (12-2pm)
• Meeting About University Programs (2:30pm-4pm)

Night on Earth with subtitles

This half-day program aims at providing a general introduction to the art and techniques of sub- and sur-titling for films, operas, and‌ theatre performances. In combining knowledge of foreign languages, cultural awareness, aesthetic choices and technological skills, sub- and sur-titling is an ideal professional field for students of the arts and humanities with a specialization in foreign languages.

Opera with Spanish subtitles

The program will open with a round table of specialists addressing the philosophy of this fascinating field, the market-based offer and demand for sub- and sur-titles, and the tricks of the trade. After a short lunch break the program will continue with area-specific workshops during which participants will learn in detail about techniques and outcomes. ‌

The event will also include a meeting about University programs in audio-visual translation. This meeting is reserved for teachers and professors.

While presented by the Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies, this program embraces different languages offered in the department and on campus (Italian, Spanish, German, French) within a European framework.

  • Under the auspices of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York on the occasion of the Italian semester of Presidency of the European Union Council (second semester of 2014).


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