Photo of Meeting Regarding "Reading Foreign Voices"

Meeting About University Programs in Audio-Visual Translation

Friday, Dec. 5th 2014
2:30pm – 4pm
Escoriaza Room
RSVP Required Here

What is the relevance of a university program in audiovisual translation? What opportunities does it open to students and professors across such departments as foreign languages, linguistics, communication, media, film studies, music/opera? What kind of human, technological, and financial resources does it require to be launched and sustained?

The meeting is for professors, administrators and teachers only. Please inquire at for more information.




• Università di Macerata, Italy: Two-year M.A. program in Modern Languages for Communication and International Cooperation
• University of Surrey, UK: One-year M.A. program in Audiovisual Translation
• University of Roehampton, UK: One-year M.A. Program in Audiovisual Translation
• Università di Udine, Italy: Single course in “Titling for Theater Performances”(2007)