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Help Fight Lymphoma!

It only takes a couple of minutes to make a BIG difference.

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Jeff Bridges and John Goodman
Actor Jeff Bridges (left) - aka The Dude - successfully battled Lymphoma in 2021.

Ready to help Montclair State University win a national competition AND support a good cause? MSU is participating in the 2022 Bateman Case Study Competition, a highly-regarded entity designed for public relations students to develop creative and impactful communications campaigns. This year, the focus is to educate and raise awareness about lymphoma and the unique challenges faced by those diagnosed with the disease – in particular young adults. We need our students to take just a few minutes to help the Montclair State team in creating a winning campaign submission!

Campaign Survey – Short But Important!

We’re asking our Red Hawks to take a quick three (3) minute survey to help us form a smart, effective campaign for this important cause.

Please fill out our survey now. The deadline for survey submission is by Sunday, November 28!

We appreciate your help and support!