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Message from University Police Department

University Police Department Reports there Is No Specific Threat to Montclair State University.

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Community Message

A video circulating on TikTok alludes to acts of violence at schools across the nation on Friday, December 17, 2021. It is associated with the hashtags #december172021, #december17th, and #december17. A similar threat has been noted on Snapchat. It can be expected that similar posts may migrate to other social media platforms or surface in messaging between students.

At this time, there are NO specific, credible threats concerning this video relating to Montclair State University or New Jersey. We recognize that fear is real and as a precaution, we will have an increased police presence within buildings.

Messages such as this current one typically cause confusion and heightened anxiety among some members of the community. While such generalized messages are often intended only to achieve this goal, we should not discount the possibility they may motivate persons who are contemplating an act of school violence to attempt to carry out their plan.

What Can You Do?

  • Do not share unsubstantiated social media posts that are not fact-based.
  • Report any potential on-campus threats that may come to your attention to the University Police Department at 973-655-5222.

Every day, we work together to make Montclair State a safe, nurturing environment where community members can thrive without fear and anxiety. To that end, any threat the University is aware of is immediately taken seriously.

We’re sharing this information not to cause alarm, but to offer reassurance that the University and the police are aware of this trend and acting with precaution. The University Police Department works closely with the NJ State Police Regional Operations Center and will at any time receive real time information to share with the community.

Thank you for your continued support.