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Focus-2 is an easy to use and engaging career tool that assesses your academic strengths, career readiness and career planning. Not only does Focus-2 provide you with some great academic and career feedback, it also has values, personality, work interest and skills assessments!

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Student Spotlights!

This spring, several of our amazing students were featured in our Career Fair spotlights, sharing their experiences, goals, advice and more. Take a look at some of the highlights below!

Gianella Solorzano: CHSS- Political Science and Jurisprudence.

SGA Director of Academic Affairs, SML Good Neighbor Teaching Intern and Bonner Leadership Program.

“Having worked in environments that are so reliant on community work and partnerships, it has allowed me to work well in different situations and has taught me how to communicate in an effective way.”

Nathan Angelo: CART – BFA Musical Theatre

Debuted on Broadway before even finishing his degree!

“Be an open channel and allow the things that come into your life to be received and interpreted without a preconceived bias…be open to new things, be open to new people and have faith that things will work out. If you put out good energy, you will receive good energy back.”

Katarina Rodriguez: FSBUS- Business Administration

Digital Communications intern at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Governor’s Hispanic Fellow with the Center of Hispanic Research and Development

“Stay proactive in both your academic and professional career and don’t be afraid to chat with people who are in different fields other than your own!”

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Join The Conversation: Your Feedback Matters!

Each graduating class contributes valuable insights about their University experiences and post-graduation plans. Your feedback has the power to shape decisions and foster  impactful change for students.

The Information We’re Seeking

  • Satisfaction level regarding your program of study and overall student experience
  • Your sense of preparedness to enter the workforce
  • Details on employment status and plans after graduation
  • Insights into continued education pursuits and other post-graduation plans

How Your Responses Help Montclair State University Students

  • Identification of students seeking immediate employment post-graduation, enabling targeted support from career services
  • Compilation and reporting of essential data for national rankings, accreditation, and certifications
  • Guidance for students exploring majors aligned with their skills and interests

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On Campus Student Employment Spotlight: Summer and Winter Sessions

The 2024 Cooperman Summer Academy will be hosted at Montclair State University from Sunday, July 14 to Friday, August 2 – Application Deadline: Friday, May 3!

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