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Elizabeth Mc Pherson wins a National Dance Education Organization award

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Elizabeth McPherson, Professor in the Theatre and Dance department, recently received a National Dance Education Organization award. This award recognizes an individual who has made a unique contribution to the field of dance education through creative and/or scholarly research. The recipient of this award should cultivate the importance of scholarly and creative research throughout the field of dance education.

She is also the editor of “Milestones in Dance in the USA and “The Bennington School of the Dance: A History in Writings and Interviews”; author of “The Contributions of Martha Hill to American Dance and Dance Education”; and co-author of “Broadway, Balanchine, and Beyond: A Memoir.” Her newest book, Milestones in Dance in the USA, won the Ruth Lovell Murray 2023 book award from the National Dance Education Organization. She is Executive Editor for the journal Dance Education in Practice, and has written articles for various other publications including Ballet Review, the Journal of Dance Education, and the Journal of Movement Arts Literacy. She worked on the film Miss Hill Making Dance Matter as a consultant and member of the producing board as well as appearing in the film. Her research projects have been supported by grants from the American Association of University Women, the Capezio Foundation, the Dance Films Association, and Montclair State University (Career Development grants), and she is the 2014 recipient of the New York State Dance Education Association Outstanding Researcher in Dance Education award.