Dancers rehearsing in CART dance studio.

Who Does What in the Dean’s Office

Need assistance or a Signature from the staff of Dean Gurskis?

Below is a partial list of administrative areas overseen by members of the Dean’s Office staff with whom students, faculty and other members of the University community often seek support.

College of the Arts Executive Management

Associate Dean, Ronald L. Sharps ( or 973-655-7817)

  • Faculty, Program, and Institutional assessment
  • Faculty Scholarship Program (FSP) approval
  • Faculty/Staff Grant/Internal Awards Proposal approval
  • Course Schedule approval
  • GA/TA Allocations approval
  • Curriculum approval
  • College and University Standing/Ad Hoc Committee Elections and Appointments oversight
  • Accreditation and FERC Reports review
  • Annual Reports review
  • Strategic Plan review and tracking

Assistant Dean, Linda Davidson ( or 973-655-4218)

  • Student Services management
  • Student Request approval (e.g., academic adjustment forms)
  • Student Issues facilitation and mediation (i.e., concerns requiring dean’s intervention)
  • Student Enrollment and Admission management
  • Student Recruitment and Retention facilitation
  • Student Scholarship oversight
  • Academic Marketing and Communications management
  • Student Career Services and Web Services oversight
  • Alumni Relations facilitation

Associate Dean, Christine Lemesianou ( or 973-655-7070)

  • Personnel Management (e.g., HR regulations, faculty line request and search procedures)
  • Personnel Actions processing (i.e. Reappointment, Tenure, Promotion, New Hires, Temporary Hires)
  • New Faculty Program
  • Faculty Instructional Service Report (ISR) management
  • Faculty Overload management
  • Faculty and staff issues facilitation and mediation
  • Dean’s Office and CART Administration Time approval
  • Budget oversight and request approval
  • Faculty/Staff Travel approval
  • CART Web Content and Digital Communications
  • School (K-12) Outreach Services/Program implementation
  • Community and International Outreach Services/Program implementation
  • CART Film Institute and ReelAbilities Film Festival
  • CART Grant Applications

College of the Arts Professional Staff

College Administrator, Zach Battle ( or 973-655-5103)

  • Budget and Fiscal management
  • Facilities management
  • Health and Safety oversight
  • Clerical Staff support
  • Clerical Staff training
  • Dean’s Office coordination
  • Course fee adjustments

Executive Assistant to Dean, Alyson Thelin Davison ( or 973-655-5104)

  • Dean’s Calendar scheduling and maintenance
  • College and University Policy communication, clarification and implementation
  • Dean’s travel coordination
  • General Query responses
  • Dean’s Office reception and hospitality
  • Administrative support to the Dean

Student Services and Recruitment Coordinator, Sarah Assalone ( or 973-655-7346)

  • Student Engagement coordination (e.g. networking, retention)
  • Student Event coordination (e.g. marketing, recruitment facilitation, convocation, orientation)
  • College Scholarships administrative support
  • Prospective Student communication
  • Supports advising and handling of student concerns
  • Administrative support to the Assistant Dean

Director of Career Services, Victoria Nauta ( or 973-655-7495)

  • Student Career Development counseling (e.g. resume writing, job search skills)
  • Student Cooperative Education and Internship advising and tracking
  • Career-related workshops and presentations
  • Employer Relations facilitation

Web Content and Digital Communications Manager, Michael Lyden ( or 973-655-6926)

  • Web content design and management for the College, its Schools, Departments, and related properties
  • Social media marketing and community management for the College, its Schools, Departments, and related properties
  • Creation and management of creative including copy, photography, video, imagery, graphics, logos, etc.
  • Digital communications
  • Online news management for the College, its Schools, Departments, and related properties
  • Digital Marketing for the College, its Schools, Departments, and related properties
  • Digital Signage in Fox, Morehead, Chapin, SCM, Life, Memorial

Program Associate for Associate Dean, Lynda Gary-Davidson ( or 973-655-7815)

  • Institutional Data collection and Annual Report compilation
  • College/University Faculty Committee Elections implementation
  • Faculty/Staff Grant/Internal Awards coordination
  • Faculty Scholarship Program (FSP) coordination
  • Faculty, Program, and Institutional Assessment support
  • Administrative support to the Associate Dean

Program Assistant to Director of Administration, Kathleen Reddington ( or 973-655-7071)

  • Human Resource and Programmatic Data collection and filing
  • Personnel Actions processing support (i.e. Reappointment, Tenure, Promotion, New Hires, etc.)
  • School (K-12) Outreach Project coordination
  • Community and International Outreach Project coordination
  • CART’s on-campus residencies and CART Performance Facilities filing and collections
  • Administrative Support to the Associate Dean