Donor Recognition

Leadership Giving Honor Roll

The John J. Cali School of Music is proud to recognize the following leadership donors for their generous lifetime giving.

$1,000,000 and up
John* '09 HON and Rose '80 Cali
Kay Consales
   in honor of Gene Consales* '50
Edward Leshowitz* '36, '96 HON
Ranucci Family
   Ernest Ranucci* '33
   Barbara Helmer Ranucci* '33
   Rita Ranucci '64

$500,000 and up
Frank and Lydia Bergen Foundation
Joanne Cali
Janis Guter

$250,000 and up
Angela Cali
Keating Crawford Foundation

$100,000 and up
Susan Bershad
Estate of Angelo R. Cali '36, '79 HON
Cento Amici
David's Fund
   Tom and Lucy Ott
Susan Head '75 MA
Gene Rosenfeld Rochberg '41

$50,000 and up
Valerio and Barbara Azzoli
John and Amanda Cali
John P. Curran
Marie Arena Fabiano '46
J. Maurits Hudig
Thomas Randazzo '55
Marilyn Somville
Adam Walinsky, Esq.
Josh and Judy Weston Family Foundation, Inc.
Scott* and Ingrid Williams '92 '96 MA

$25,000 and up
David Bershad Family Foundation, Inc.
Bluestein Family Foundation, Inc.
Murray* and Miriam* Cole
Alberto and Kathleen Comini
Rosemary and Al Iversen
Donald Kanarr
The Presser Foundation
Charles V. Schaefer '02
Shepherd Foundation
The Vance Wall Foundation
   Carol and Terence D. Wall

*  deceased