NJSOC Announcements

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Erin Keller

Students practice using a compass during the Orienteering class.

Somers Point Schools Brave the Elements on Annual Trip to NJSOC

Veronica Puza

Students search for aquatic macro invertebrates during the Water Ecology class

Bedminster 6th Graders Savor Meaningful Trip to the School of Conservation

Leighann Tota

Working with NJSOC educator and resident Blacksmith, students create their own "S" hooks.

Wenonah Elementary School has Environmental Experience

Erin Keller

Students hike through the woods during the Questing class.

Jersey City School District visits the NJSOC

The fifth graders enjoy an environmental education experience at Montclair State University's NJ School of Conservation

Leighann Tota

Students blow off some stream and have fun during a round of New Games

Jefferson Township Middle School Sends Their Seventh Graders to NJSOC

The "Gold Team" has an environmental experience in Stokes State Forest

Dr. Pope Sheds Light on NJSOC Boulder Field

As part of a semester long project in Geomorphology, Dr. Gregory Pope and his students studied the properties of a large boulder field just east of Lake Wapalanne.

Jefferson Middle School Students Donate Nature Quilt Blocks to NJSOC

The gifted and talented program at Jefferson Middle School takes on a project to draw attention to the environment