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Voicemail Messaging User Guide

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MSU Voicemail Messaging Quick Reference Guide

  1.     Dial the MSU Unified Voicemail access extension number (5323) or Press the button on your telephone.

You can also reach voicemail while outside of the University by dialing  973-655-5323

Accessing your messages

  1. Dial 5323

  2. Press # (pound/hash)

  3. Enter your MSU extension

  4. Enter your PIN/Password, followed by pound/hash key
  5. Press 2 to listen to your messages 
  1. Press 1 to listen to unread messages
  2. Press 2 to listen to read messages
  3. Press *3 (*delete) to delete your message

To Change Your Password

  1. Press 5 for mailbox options
  2. Press 4 to reset your password

To Record Your Name

  1. Press 5 for mailbox options
  2. Press 5 to record your name 

To Record your Greeting

  1. Press 3 for Greeting options

Press 0 to record customized greeting

Press 1 to record personal greeting

Press 2 to record busy greeting