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Security Guidance for Flexible Working

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For any eligible staff who may be working remotely on occasion, there are a number of things to keep in mind in keeping the University Community and our data safe and secure.

Workstation Use: Those with University-issued desktop or laptop should use the provided machine for all University-related activities, whether working remotely or while on campus. Personal devices should be used only for activities that do not involve sensitive University data.

Security tips for Workstations:

  • Be sure to complete the mandatory University IT security training to make sure you are aware and practice good security habits.
  • Store University data on MSUFiles or Google Drive, instead of the device’s internal storage (C: drive)
  • Always specifically put a laptop into sleep/shutdown mode when not actively being used (Simply closing the laptop cover may not properly lock the machine).
  • Do not leave any laptops or devices unattended outside of private and secure work spaces.
  • Ensure computers are kept up-to-date with all operating system and software patches. For University managed-computers, apply updates when prompted.
  • Ensure that antivirus software is installed and check that it is functioning and up to date. Sophos Antivirus is available in the MSU Software Repository.

Please visit the Security Guidance for Flexible Working page for more details on the above topics as well as other tips on how to securely share sensitive information, access applications remotely, and guard against “phishing” attempts.

Coming soon!  An announcement will be made for a number of new remote work enabling features for campus phones