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Alert: Phishing scam (Jury Duty)

Posted in: Information Security, News

Phishing Image
Several users have reported receiving an purportedly from the “Montclair County Clerk” with a subject of: “Jury Duty Summons for (name)”

* This message has multiple indicators of phishing and a potential scam and should be deleted. *

As a general reminder:

  • Do not trust links in email or texts, unless you are confident that you know and trust the sender. From your computer, you can use your mouse pointer to hover over a link to view the actual web address which should appear at the bottom of the browser window or in a pop-up.  If the link looks unrelated or suspicious, do not click on it.
  • Do not trust attachments that are unexpected or that have a suspicious name or file extension.  Call the sender first to verify the attachment.
  • Do not trust emails or texts from sources that you do not know.  Look at both the display name and the email address of the sender, and see if you recognize them.  Also be suspicious of prevalent spelling and grammar errors, false information such as incorrect department names, and requests for personal information or credentials.

PLEASE NOTE: Montclair State’s Division of Information Technology and other administrative and academic units will _NEVER_ under any circumstances ask you to provide your password, social security number, protected health information, or other personal information in an email. ANY email you receive asking for such information, regardless of the alleged source, should be considered fraudulent and deleted immediately.

We thank you for your continued diligence in recognizing and avoiding phishing scams. For additional information about identifying and protecting yourself against phishing scams please visit the IT web site at: https://www.montclair.edu/information-technology/security/phishing