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Change to Apple IDs Using @montclair.edu Email Addresses

Posted in: Enterprise Software, Identity Management, Telecommunications

On Thursday, September 14th, Montclair State University will connect our @montclair.edu email domain for Apple IDs to its authentication systems to assist in managing university-owned Apple devices. If your current Apple ID on any of your Apple devices uses a @montclair.edu email address, you will need to switch to a personal email address. Apple IDs that contain @mail.montclair.edu accounts are not affected. Please Note: Do not create a new Apple ID as it will affect purchases and/or stored data.

What Happens Next?

If you are an employee or student using a personal Apple ID linked to a “@montclair.edu” MSU email address, you will receive an email and device notification from Apple. The notification will request that you rename your Apple ID email address. Failing to update your Apple ID email address within 60 days will result in an automatic change to a temporary Apple ID by Apple.

Please Note: The university does not have access to your data, and your data will stay with your account.

How To Change Your Apple ID

Please follow the step-by-step instructions provided by Apple on how to Change your Apple ID.

  • Log in using the email address that you set up using the @montclair.edu email address provided in the notification from Apple. Please Note: This is not your NetID and password.
  • Update your Apple ID to a personal email address you already have access to. There will be a verification step. If you do not have another email address, you can set up a free account at sites such as icloud.com, gmail.com, and outlook.com.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Change My Apple ID

  • After the initial 30 days – Services such as iMessage, and Facetime will be inaccessible until the Apple ID email address is changed.
  • After 60 days – The Apple ID email address will be changed to a temporary username by Apple. The format will be changed to NETID-MSU.edu@temporary.appleid.com. In order to change your Apple ID email address after the 60-day period, sign in with the temporary Apple ID and change the Apple ID email address.

What If I Am Using A University-Owned Device?

For those with University-owned iPhones or iPads, please continue using your device as usual. Further instructions will be provided after the initial migration is complete.