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Important Campuswide Google Storage Policy Change

Posted in: Google Apps

In January of this year, Google implemented a paid storage model, ending many years of providing their Workspace for Education platform with free and unlimited cloud storage. The university now has a shared pool of storage based on our student and employee-paidemployee paid license count. We have been monitoring our total storage usage since January, and while it has remained fairly steady we have begun to approach the overall storage limit that we are licensed for.

For Employees: In order to ensure that we stay within the storage capacity of the Google Workspace tools we all rely on (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc.) Information Technology has implemented a 1Tb (terabyte) per-user default storage limit. This should be more than sufficient for 99% of our Google Drive and Gmail users. For the very small number of users who are consuming more than 1 Tb, IT has temporarily established higher quotas to avoid any unexpected storage warnings from Google. We will be contacting those users individually within the next few weeks to arrange for alternate storage options. (Note that any legitimate need for having a Google Cloud storage quota above the default 1Tb will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)

For Students: Student Google accounts also now have a 500Gb default storage limit, and as with employees, Information Technology has temporarily established higher quotas for the small number of students over the default quota to avoid any unexpected storage warnings from Google until those students can be contacted and alternative storage arrangements made.
We thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we make this necessary storage policy change to ensure that our mission-critical Google Workspace tools continue to work effectively for everyone.