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Important Change to Mandatory Updates on Windows Devices

Posted in: Desktop Software, Enterprise Software

Beginning January 2024, Information Technology will improve our operating system update process on all Windows workstations connected to Active Directory (AD) by transitioning to Microsoft Intune for Windows.

What this means for Windows users:  updates will be automatically installed on your machine after the second Tuesday of each month.  No action is required on your part to make this happen, but you will be required to reboot your computer within 7 days of each update.

We recommend that you restart your device within 24-48 hours of the update. Again, you will have up to 7 days to reboot before the system reboots automatically as per the pop-up notification shown in the screenshot below.

restart device message

Please keep in mind that if you forget to reboot your workstation within approximately 7 days, it will automatically reboot without your ability to stop it. Therefore, please make sure that all your work is saved and reboot the system when you have control to do so. You will receive pop-up messages, similar to the one shown in the image above, reminding you to reboot before the system does so automatically.

Please Note: We have implemented a similar process with Mac OS X workstations using Nudge.