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Information Technology is currently migrating physical FAX services to a cloud-based solution. Additionally, any analog fax lines that have remained inactive from January 2023 to January 2024 will be deactivated as of April 1st.

For departments actively using the fax line, please be aware that the monthly cost will increase to $25. While this may result in higher expenses for some regions, the new system aims to lower the University’s costs by reducing toner usage, repair expenses, and paper waste. Additionally, it will enhance efficiency by swiftly and securely delivering faxes, thereby decreasing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. The cloud-based solution, operated via an application, presents a great opportunity for some departments to evaluate the current number of fax numbers in areas.

A member of Voice Operations (VOX) has started sending out individual emails to the fiscal agent of each affected fax line, which will contain the fax line in question.

Learn more about our cloud faxing solution, XM Fax.