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Accessing MSU Applications/Network from Off Campus

Do I Need to Have a University-issued Computer if I Am Working Remotely? (Faculty, Staff)

No. If you use a personal or non-University workstation or mobile device, be sure to follow the “What Do I Need to Watch Out for from an IT Security Perspective?” Q&A below.

I Need Microsoft Office on my Home Computer. Are we entitled to a license?

All Montclair State University faculty, staff and students can download a free copy by signing up with your Montclair email account at Microsoft Office 365 Education web page.

How to Access Voicemail from Off-Campus (Faculty/Staff)

You can access voicemail from off campus by dialing 973-655-5323 and following the prompts. You can also have a copy of your voicemail messages forwarded to your email account as an audio attachment. To request the voicemail-to-email feature, please send an email to and include your name, NetID, office extension, and the Montclair State email address that you would like your voicemail forwarded to.

How Do I Access Shared Drives Remotely? (Faculty, Staff)

There are two options for accessing your “O” or “N” Drive from off-campus: you can either log into Citrix, or use a VPN connection. To request access to the VPN, please contact the IT Service Desk at 973 655-7971 or

Alternatively, while on campus you can copy any files that you need from the O: or N: drive to your Google Drive.

Please Note: Any files that contain sensitive information (PII or FERPA) should not be copied to your Google Drive.

How Do I Access Applications remotely? (Faculty, Staff)

You can access many applications remotely through your web browser, just as you would from on campus. You can access Canvas, Workday, NEST and the New NetID account management center for changing passwords just as you would on campus. VPN is needed to remotely access any of  the applications below:

  • Share Drive Access (O: and N: drives)
  • Tableau
  • Banner (including Document Management)
  • Course Submission Database
  • Program Assessment Database
  • Voicemail Portal
  • PeopleSoft
  • Cognos
  • Blackboard Transact (SDCL)
  • Titanium (Health Services only)
  • Contract Assistant (Procurement only)
  • Tax Navigator (Accounts Payable only)
  • Accounts Payable checks to network printers (Accounts Payable only)
  • Galaxy
  • NJFAMS (Financial Aid Office only)
  • COD (Financial Aid Office only)
  • CPS (Financial Aid Office only)

Upon connecting to VPN, these can all be accessed remotely, as usual via the web browser.

Note that some employees may be using Citrix for remote access.  We recommend VPN as a more secure and more easily used solution.  Contact to move from Citrix to VPN.