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Internet Access and Hotspot (Home)

We advise that individuals contact their cable and cellular telephone service providers to see if there are any free or reduced pricing internet access options being made available.

Many internet service providers (ISP) and cell phone companies are offering Free or Low-Cost internet for K-12, Colleges, and Universities that are affected by closures due to the Coronavirus. Please contact your current phone carrier or some of the local companies to see if you are eligible for some of the plans. Many phones can be used as a “hotspot” to connect laptops, desktops or tablets to WiFi and share the phone’s data plan.

Below, please find some of the links that we have identified for your convenience:

Internet Service Providers (ISP)/Cable Company

Cell Phone Carriers and Hotspots Directions

Cell Phone Carriers – (Comprehensive List of Plans)

Hotspot Directions: (Must be enabled by carrier)

If the directions above do not apply to your phone, please refer to the online documentation for your phone.