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Software Request Policy (Faculty)

An instructor may have special course-related software needs that are not currently addressed in the computing labs. In this case, an instructor may request special course-related software to be installed. This request must be submitted each year to the instructor’s School/College Technology Coordinator. The following information is required to process a special course-related software request:

  • Title of the software
  • The labs to which you would like the software installed
  • Original media (CD, floppy)
  • How many licenses are held for the software
  • What type of licenses are held for the software
  • All current license documentation
  • A copy of all installation documentation and/or manuals
  • The Technology Coordinator must submit a special course-related software request to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) via ServiceNow ticket prior to the deadline date for the Fall and Spring Semesters. If the OIT does not own the software, the instructor/department must acquire the software.

Note: Deadline to request software for the Fall Semester is June 15th and for the Spring Semester is October 15th.

Special Course-Related Software:

When a special course-related software request is submitted to the OIT by the Technology Coordinator, it must include the original software media, documentation and the Software License. These items must be given to the Computing Labs Administrator in the Technology Solutions Center (TSC), University Hall room 5100. For any questions concerning this matter, please call 973-655-7322.

Software purchased either by an instructor, a department, or the OIT must be legally licensed. The software license must cover the intended maximum number of simultaneous users. Installation and use of the product must abide by the publisher’s software license. The software cannot interfere with or degrade the operation of the existing computing environment in any way. The OIT reserves the right to remove any software that creates an unstable environment for the operating system. Alpha/beta releases of software are strongly discouraged. Software must not exceed the University’s current hardware requirements. Software will be Virus scanned before and after installation.

Note: Legacy DOS software and Mac 68K software is not supported by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

Currently, public and teaching laboratories support Windows 10 Education Operating System.

Note: It is highly recommended that requests be submitted well in advance of the deadlines to allow for proper testing and configuration. Late requests are strongly discouraged and may result in either incomplete distribution of the software to desired locations indicated by the instructor, or a decrease in the level of the software’s functionality, due to a lack of testing time. The OIT is unable to guarantee a complete and satisfactory installation for requests submitted after the deadline.

Course-Related Software Testing:

Once the software application is installed and appropriately tested by the OIT it will be the Technology Coordinator and instructor’s responsibility to thoroughly test the software and make sure it functions as intended. The Office of Information Technology strongly recommends that instructors never attempt to conduct a session in front of a class without first conducting a dry run of the lesson within the actual lab environment. The OIT reserves the right to reject any and all software applications that do not meet University standards or requires an excessive amount of ongoing maintenance that the instructor cannot provide.

Support of Course-Related Software in Public Labs:

After special software is installed, the OIT will attempt to ensure the software continues to function adequately in the labs. The Office of Information Technology is unable to provide user support, as the Lab Assistants are fully trained and knowledgeable in the applications that comprise the Standard Software build for the computing laboratories. They are not expected to know how to work through these applications.

It is not unusual for software to become obsolete quickly. As the environment in the labs is constantly updated in an attempt to keep the lab software current, older software may no longer function correctly. It may be the case that the OIT will be unable to maintain certain antiquated software that has been purchased by individual departments. Our mission is to maintain our standard software set and the required course-related software on a per semester basis. Therefore, it may be necessary for departments to purchase new versions of software from time to time. The OIT will remove old software from our systems when it no longer functions correctly or is outdated. This includes software that has already been updated to a higher revision in the labs. The OIT is unable to maintaining multiple versions of software in the public and teaching computer labs.

It is up to the instructor/department to ensure that the users of the software are adequately trained in its use and the proper documentation and manuals are made available to its users. The OIT requires that manuals are purchased and any special documentation and manuals are made available for each of the sites where the software is installed. Another set of manuals for the OIT technical staff is also highly recommended.