Moving a Sharp MFD

For safety and security of all Sharp Multifunctional Devices (MFD), all devices must be moved by Sharp*. In order to begin the process with Sharp, you must do the following:

1. Contact Sharp Help Desk via phone (x4329) and provide the following information

ID # (J#)
New Location
Contact Person
Contact Person Cell
Preferred Date of Move
2. Email the University Help Desk the proposed date so that the Sharp MFD can be reconfigured to match the new location and confirm network port.

Sharp Allowable Charge Format

Zone 1 (same building, no charge)
Zone 2 (0-50 miles, $250 – $1,000 based on model size)
Zone 3 (50+ miles, 2x Zone 2 plus actual freight)

*Any damage to the Sharp MFD by attempting to move it without Sharp would be charged to the department.